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Stylus Toolbox is a printer utility for Epson Stylus® inkjet printers that is designed to replace the Epson Printer Utility that comes with the Epson drivers for the Windows platform on Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and other Unix and Unix-like operating systems that are supported by the Python programming language and the Gutenprint inkjet drivers.

Stylus Toolbox is a graphical (GUI) front-end for Gutenprint's escputil command-line Epson printer utility.  As a reult, it supports all printers supported by escputil and Gutenprint, including many recent-model Epson Stylus and Epson Photo printers.

Latest News

Here you can find the latest news about Stylus Toolbox. Check this link often, because this is where we post information about new release and so forth.

Software Requirements

Stylus Toolbox requires namefollowing components to be installed:
Most distributions include many or all of the above.  Stylus Toolbox was developed and tested on Ubuntu 7.04 LTS (Dapper)

Hardware Requirements

Any Epson Stylus, Stylus Color, or Stylus Photo 4-color, 6-color and now 8-color inkjet printer supported by Gutenprint and escputil, including USB and parallel printers. 6-color support is present in 0.2.7 and later, 8-color has been added as of 1.0rc0.


Stylus Toolbox supports all of the functions of escputil, including: Additionally, Stylus Toolbox also provides:

Bug Reports, Feature Requests, etc.

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